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Money Master: Watch your salary

As you work, do you wonder how much money you've already earned?
Take a look into the Money Master and be happy!
You are unmotivated at work or wondering why you are doing that?
Open the Money Master and see how your money multiplies!
In Money Master you can save your working hours and salary. During your working hours, there is an animation that shows you how much money you have already earned.
Choose between different themes to change the animation for showing the progress.
At the end of your working day, a little game is waiting for you!
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Memory for children

This is a classic memory game - reveal the cards and find the pairs!
3 different game settings:
  • Dinosaur
  • Sea animals
  • Monster
3 different difficulties:
  • 6 cards
  • 12 cards
  • 24 cards
An optional timer for levels.
Round based:
A round consists of several memory games. How many games that are, is the settings changeable.
For each level, difficulty and round a highscore exist.

My wild dinosaurs

Informative app about dinosaurs.
Designed for children.
Coming soon in Google Play Store...

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